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Teaching Calendar (Printable Form)

Studio Policies (Printable Form)

Boone Piano Studio Policies


Fees are paid in 9 equal monthly payments from September 1, 2017 through May 31, 2018.

Lesson                      Monthly Tuition

30 minute               $103.00

45 minute                $148.00

Your monthly tuition covers 38 total lessons and events over a 9-month academic year.

(Fee is based on 33)

  • 33 Private lessons
  • 2 Performance/Group Classes
  • 2 Studio Recitals (Rental space, piano tuning, refreshments provided.)
  • 1 Field Trip. Student tickets provided by the Studio.
  • 1 built-in snow day/ teacher sick day included in calendar

A monthly invoice will be issued in advance for the next month’s expenses.

  • Payment should be received no later than the last day of the previous month.
  • There is a $10.00 late fee for all payments received after the due date listed on each invoice.
  • All fees paid are non-refundable.

Lesson Attendance:

If students attend all scheduled lessons, performance classes, studio recitals and field trips, they will be receiving 5 free music experiences each academic year. This is a value of one free month of lessons for those with excellent attendance.

  • This policy allows for a reasonable number of missed lessons due to unexpected illness or scheduling conflicts.
  • Flexible scheduling and make-up lessons are not possible during the school year when all available lesson times are filled. Any exceptions are completely at the teacher’s discretion.
  • As a courtesy, please give your teacher as much notice as possible when you are going to miss a lesson.
  • Lessons cancelled due to inclement weather or teacher illness will be made-up, or refunded.


For their full development, students are expected to practice:

  • Approximately 30 minutes daily for a 30-minute lesson, 5 days a week.
  • Approximately 45 minutes daily for a 45-minute lesson, 5 days a week.

Music: The cost of music is paid separately from tuition fees. Music will be itemized and billed on the following month’s invoice.

Photo and Video Release:

Student pictures and videos of piano performances may be used for promotional purposes on the website, and a private group Facebook page for Boone Piano Studio, unless a parent submits a written request to have photo or video withdrawn.

Performance Opportunities:

A) Two Studio Recitals, in November and May. Participation is strongly encouraged. Performing in recitals allows students to set and achieve goals, polish pieces to performance level, and improve their skills of concentration, memory, and managing nervousness. All students benefit from playing in recitals, whether they are aspiring performers or not.

B) The Music Development Program examinations are held in December and May each year. Please ask your teacher for more information.

C) The Auditions Festival is held at CCM mid-March. Students perform one piece from memory for evaluation and score from a judge.

Recital Dress code:

Recitals are formal events; please dress for a special occasion.

  • Dress/ dress pants/ skirts and blouses, dress shoes for girls.
  • Dress pants, dress shirts, and dress shoes for boys.
  • T-shirts, shorts, jeans, and flip-flops are not appropriate.

Piano or Digital Piano:

For proper technical development, students must be playing a full-scale keyboard (88 keys) on either an acoustic piano or a digital piano, which has a weighted-action. Use of other types of electronic keyboards severely compromises the student’s development of finger strength, spatial awareness of intervals, keyboard touch, and use of pedals.


Performance opportunities are suggested for students on an individual basis each year. Entry fees for events usually range between $20–$100. All material and event fees are subject to parental approval.

Piano Tuning and Maintenance:

Regular Piano tuning and maintenance is essential to a student’s aural and technical development. Home piano should be tuned a minimum of every six months.

Lesson Preparedness:

Students’ fingernails must be trimmed short to play the piano with a proper curved finger position. Students should trim their nails weekly. Nail clippers are kept in the studio, and used when necessary.


If you decide to take a month off from lessons, please be advised:

Lesson times cannot be held or guaranteed for any stoppage of lessons greater than 3 weeks

Termination of Lessons:

Dismissal from the studio can occur from poor attendance, lack of preparation for lessons, behavioral problems, or non-payment of tuition or other expenses.

If a student decides to leave the studio, 30-day notice to the teacher is required.